The Freedom Universal

The Universal Basis of Freedom

The Freedom Universal is the name of a new, precise formulation of the Golden Rule:

Every person is sovereign, except to the extent that a person has violated the sovereignty of another person, and has not yet made full restitution to that person, thereby restoring the integrity of the injured person as well as the sovereignty of the injurer.

This new formulation of the principle of individual sovereignty was named The Freedom Universal by its creator, Johann Gevers, because it constitutes the universal basis of free communities and societies. Combined with innovative choice of law and choice of forum provisions, it enables a system of highly adaptive social organization. It forms the core of a new constitution for a free, just, and prosperous society, called The Freedom Universal Constitution.

Based on a deeper integration of the fundamental principles of successful societies, the Freedom Universal and its associated constitution are designed to move us closer to true civilization—freedom, justice, and prosperity for everyone. It effectively addresses the key human needs—wealth, health, education, security, community, environment, and spiritual needs. Given the overwhelming range of challenges faced by modern societies, the Freedom Universal presents an elegantly simple solution to our complex social governance problems.

To learn more about the Freedom Universal:

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