The Freedom Universal


The Freedom Universal is intended for adoption by a broad spectrum of entities that are constituted as bodies with members—where governance issues can arise around treating different members unequally.

This includes communities, cities, regions, and countries. It also includes non-state entities and organizations (corporate entities of various kinds—business companies with shareholders, NGOs, the United Nations, the World Trade Organization, etc.), both to govern their internal affairs, and as a policy document to serve as a standard and model of fundamental good governance principles for their members and the international community.

An innovative application would be to use the Freedom Universal like an ISO standard or credit rating: international agreements, investments, loans, and trade could be predicated on the degree of conformance with the Freedom Universal. For example, the interest rate extended to foreign borrowers in a given jurisdiction, could be linked to the jurisdiction's Freedom Universal Rating. Or, an indexed investment fund could be constructed on the basis of a Freedom Universal Index.

If you are interested in how the Freedom Universal could be applied to meet the needs of your organization, community, or country, please contact us for further information.

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